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ASSO Carp Fishing Line

UK Carp anglers demand quality products and that is exactly what Asso offer, a complete range of very strong reliable Carp Fishing Line. Asso’s range of carp lines include co-polymers, Fluorocarbon coated Co-Polymers, newly developed fluorocarbon coated Tri-polymers, 100% Fluorocarbons and Braids, all have been manufactured to the highest levels of quality control and are well tested by Carp Anglers all over the world. The UK carp fishing market has many brands of line, some are good some not so good, most are from tackle companies who are not fishing line producers or experts, but have simply gone to a line producer and ordered some own label line. Asso is from Gruppo, one of the worlds biggest most experienced fishing line producers, its not just their own products, its their best products!

Carp lines available from Asso are:

When choosing a line for carp fishing there are a number of things to consider, most top quality modern lines are Fluorocarbon coated, this process adds a number of important features to any fishing line:

Strength, Normal monofilament will absorb water molecules after being wet for around 4 hours, this can reduce strength by upto 15%, coating the line with Fluorocarbon makes the line waterproof and retain all of its strength.

Abrasion Resistance – Fluorocarbon is tougher than normal nylon, so a coating makes any line more abrasion resistant.

Weight – Fluorocarbon weighs more than nylon, so fluorocarbon coating helps make a line sink.

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Carp fishing line products available

Carp Specialist Mainline Master

Carp Specialist Sinking Mainline

Carp Specialist Mainline Abrasion

Carp Specialist Mainline Pro

Ultra Carp

Super Fluorocarbon

High Stretch Fluorocarbon

Big Catch Fluorocarbon

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