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Asso MainLine Master

Product code: ASCSMM


Key features

  • Fluorocarbon Coated Copolymer
  • Low Stretch
  • Maximum Strength and abrasion resistance
  • Supple for easy casting
  • Super Fast Sinking


The premium main line in the Carp Specialist range, Mainline Master is a Fluorocarbon coated Copolymer available in Green and Brown.

Mainline Master offers exceptional strength to diameter, with the fluorocarbon coating giving it superb abrasion resistance and adding weight to make it sink quickly.

This product is perfect for any serious Carp angler who wants to use the best tackle.







Asso Carp Specialist Mainline Master, Fluorocarbon coated Carp fishing line

Line Specification

B/St lbs B/St Kgs Ø mm 1000m
10.0 4.6 0.28
12.0 5.4 0.31
16.0 6.0 0.35
20.0 7.8 0.40

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