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Asso FluoroCasting Fluorocarbon

Product code: ASFLCAST


Key features

  • 100% Fluorocarbon
  • Low Stretch
  • Maximum Strength and abrasion resistance
  • Supple for easy casting
  • Super Fast Sinking


A growing number of Carp Anglers are opting to use Fluorocarbon as a main line on their reels, as it offers virtually zero stretch, invisibility and amazing abrasion resistance.
One of the main issues with Fluorocarbon is that the quality of different grades can vary massively
Asso Fluorocasting is an ultra high grade 100% fluorocarbon, which has been specially engineered to be much more supple that usual springy fluorocarbons meaning it casts much better, whilst still keeping the invisibility associated with higher grade materials.
Supplied on a large 600yd Spool, Asso Fluorocasting is gaining fans from Carp Angling all around the world







Asso Super Fluoro Carbon fishing line

Line Specification

B/St lbs B/St Kgs Ø mm 200m 600Yd
10.0 4.6 0.25
11.9 5.4 0.28
13.2 6.0 0.30
17,2 7.8 0.35

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